How Jakarta Makes Me Feel

Somehow I like Jakarta.

I like how Jakarta makes me feel alone amidst its dynamic motion. I like being one of many people, in its stuffed places. I like how people in its public services treat me, as a preggo woman.

I like to talk to my bump, introducing him some lunch meal recommendation from social media. I like how they ask me what to order, and I somehow change my dialect into more Jakartan- for reason I don’t know, or maybe I just wanna mingle with those sweaty peeps waiting for their bakmi. The crack song from Ondel-ondel will be the thing I linger the most about this city, especially when it’s after 7 PM. I love humming it till my husband get annoyed.

I like sitting on some random benches in Blok M, silently calculating what to order for snacking using my not too-much Gopay or OVO. Writing something on my notes or blog, or simply updating my money manager. Suddenly feel sorry for my wallet, realizing that Jakarta’s snack in mall is way too pricey for me.

I like how I strain myself from entering those stores; from beauty to apparel for windowshopping, most of the time end up without buying anything. I am not really comfortable being followed by the keeper, even sometimes I do that.

I like how I recall my previous time when I had no time strolling around city by myself. Next year, it’s going to be different. I am grateful that I make myself aware of this situation. I am alone in this big city while having someone I dearly love in it who works hard for us.

I can make it mellow and sad, but I think it sounds awesomely romantic.

Author: nezhafath

a klepon-hearted

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