Counting Privilege(s)

Do you still remember the hype in our country about Maudy Ayunda being confused choosing Harvard or Stanford for her master? People have loaded twitter with funny comments toward this, but some also think that it’s normal for Maudy since she has had privilege that not everyone has. This is worth of reflection, not only for her but also us maybe.

After some time of thinking, I just realized, I am too is privileged. In any possible ways, from small to big. And all of it matters! a lot.

To look at it deeper, each of us does have privilege(s) different to one another, it depends on what role we are taking and what kind of goal we are aiming. Our responsibility is to not taking all the privilages for granted

Comparing my former situation in Surabaya before married, I think I’ve got that kind of luxury as well, in a different from (yha la cz Im not that bright Oxford alumnus with such wonderful talent and passion yha urhm)

On top of my mind, in my situation now, my utmost privilege is having supportive husband. This one is very crucial since some people have to take another path— even some stop trying to achieve whatever they’ve plan just after they’re getting married. Situation, responsibility, or other matters might come first. To my way of thinking, that’s why support from the very first realm of your circle– which means spouse is pivotal. Support comes from various forms, from being a reminder to the beauty of your dream when you’re low, being someone who will provide constructive feedbacks, or maybe simply give you time and space to do it. My husband? check, check, check. Well, I still don’t know for the second and third point, but I believe he will.

Second, I own a lot of time to do research with unlimited internet connection everyday, stumbled upon discussion, numerous talks and readings from internet. And with little more effort, I can also voluntarily join or create something that I’m passionate about. If I need to have comparison, it’s totally different when I was still in Surabaya. The challenges I have now are not that significant.

But hey, in some point, I realize that the last but not least privilege is, knowing that Allah has done all of this for me. From uniting me with such kind and supportive husband to letting me read or watch those uplifting stories. I do believe that there is nothing such coincidence. It’s all has been beautifully arranged by Allah. This fact has stroken my heart in the most enlightening way.

I am not a pious one, but I still feel His grace in every little thing I meet everyday, that it all leads to remembering Him and His love.

Allah maybe still gives me chance. He wants me to believe and do it. Allah is great.

On top of it, this kind of privilege is the thing I am thankful for. Faith.

Author: nezhafath

a klepon-hearted

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