What Could Happen If You Worked As Hard As You Possibly Could?

I will summarize the cmirroron of my academic life in these past 2 weeks with one reflective rhetoric question: what are you actually doing? :”

I supposed to finish reviewing number of journals by next week, highlighting ideas for thesis, and reading the related books. positively, i have not done the-as-hard-as-i-possibly-could. not yet. i haven’t scarified anything– reading for pleasure, misalnya.

yet this article gives me goosebumps, even the title. it only takes a minute to make me realize (again) about a thing. And then it goes further– for every roles that i have taken consciously, in scale 1 to 10, how good am I? a friend of someones, a member of Whatsapp-LINE group, a crew of NGO, a business partner, a learner of Arabic and algebra, a dreamer with her plans. puff.

gotta get a clearer mirror.

up to this point, how good are you, N?


Fact: I’ve never worked as hard in my entire life as I did last year.

(Because I’m a student, I now think in academic years, so I mean the period between  September 2014 and the end of May.)

Here’s another fact you might not know, one you might be surprised to learn: I had never worked hard before that.


In the last few months I’ve given this revelation a soft launch, telling a few people who know me in real life that I never worked hard before this past (academic) year. They have reactions like scoffing, eye-rolling, etc. ‘Yeah, right,’ they say. ‘Don’t be ridiculous.’ I admitted to one person that I’m the laziest person I know and she said, ‘Lazy? Lazy? That’s not a word I’d associate with you at all.’

Well… Surprise!

I find it odd that people think prior to September 2014 I was…

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What Could Happen If You Worked As Hard As You Possibly Could?

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