Day 4 : I (supposed to) know you.

Dear, Beautiful sister.

How are you? Hm… I  read your text again this morning. Thanks for caring me so much.

Ndien, I never had a chance to know you better.

You spent your childhood in a boarding house, far away from home. I grew up without you. At that time, I just know that I have you as my sister when you came home in Eid holiday._. I remember, that time  you always complained about how hot Surabaya was, compared to your Jatinangor.
I said, I never knew you better. I just know that you are very talented girl with those awesome confidence, achievement in mc-ing, ambassadoring, and broadcasting. People won’t believe that we’re a sister. We have an exactly different face.

I never knew you better.

Suddenly, you graduated, you started to live properly in Bandung. You work, you’re marrying a nice guy. You have your amazingly-handsome and cute son.
You finally have your dream family.

I never knew you better.
We never had a time to talk from heart to heart. I never discussed anything to you. Actually, I don’t really comfortable with your lecturing style.

Time goes so fast. You’re already 26. I’m already 18. Maybe this is the right time for me. ‘Cause I used to be more mature than 10 years ago. The age when I hit your butt hard, because you  teased me when you were home in the weekend. Maybe that was your way to be closer with your sister. I rejected that with butt hit.

Last night you texted me. Asked me how am I, have I been well in my new life– college, how my activity in campus goes..

I know from your morning call with dad, I know you tell him everything.

So now you’re facing a big problem. You think that God doesn’t hear your long pray, you endure the pain you feel, patiently find your exit door, but still didn’t find it yet.

You said that family is your biggest motivation to stay. The reason you strong. Because you have the most powerful parents. Our parents.

I’ll be waiting for that moment when we have a time. I promise, that time, I’ll tell you about my plans to make our dreams come true; make our parents proud of us.

Please be strong, Dear. Ilu.

Author: nezhafath

a klepon-hearted

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