Dear wordpress.

I am about to post my 200 words, and then I stuck. New draft.

Well, I wrote about my lecturer’s saying. He said something about Pancasila, err, honestly it was boring. Until my friend rose his hand and asked an interesting thing. I bet he was not asking, he was testing.

He asked about the idea changing the fundamental ideology Pancasila into Jakarta Charter. Islamic Syariah will be the best solution for this country, he said. Mr Lecturer said that’s impossible to do. Very risky.

If we’re talking about Syariah Islam, the definition depends on what-aliran-it-is. We, as muslim, will not have a chance to be one, because we’re that different. We read an exactly same Alquran and hadith, but we have a different way to interpret it. So that’s why we’re different.

“I could be called ‘murtad’ because i do tahlilan or yasin. For some aliran, they are bid’ah. Can you imagine if we led by people who can’t tolerate other’s believe? ”

“Even we’re muslims?”

“Even we’re muslims.” he said.

You know, wordpress. Three weeks ago, I heard my new-college-friend said this to nonmuslim friend, confidently. “Ya, there are too many aliran in Islam. But just like in hadith, 73 groups will go to the destruction in akhirat. Only one, will go to the heaven. The one, is ahlus sunnah wal jama’ah. ”

And with smiley face, she asked me. “What groups do you belong to, Nez?” once again, asked that confidently. As far as I know, the ahlus-sunnah-wal-jamaah she understands is that big Islamic organization in Indonesia.

Dear WordPress,

I have much words to write, but they’re just… too loud. Running and jumping with no balance. I open twitter, thinking that it might help a little. Unfortunately no, I get more dizzy.

So I’m going to stop here. Sorry for this bad and bizzare post. I’ll make better next time.

Btw, Selamat hari kesaktian Pancasila.

Author: nezhafath

a klepon-hearted

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